Nancy Gower

NANCY GOWER PHOTOGRAPHER Nancy is an amateur wildlife, landscape photographer. She developed this rewarding hobby about 6 years ago, shortly after her retirement. She is a native of New England. Being fortunate to witness the peacefulness and beauty of nature, animals, birds, changing seasons and the amazing beauty around us, she has a deep appreciation of the subjects she

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Leigh Scott

LEIGH SCOTT PHOTOGRAPHER Leigh is from Wyoming where her love for photography began at age 7, after receiving her first camera from her Dad. Trained as an educator, Leigh loves spending her days observing wildlife and sharing her experiences with others through her photos and storytelling. She has been recognized by National Wildlife Federation, Parker River NWR and, most

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John Harrison

JOHN HARRISON PHOTOGRAPHER John Harrison is co-editor of the book Dead In Good Company, A Celebration of Mount Auburn Cemetery. He is the principal photographer for the childrens book Buzz, Ruby and Their City Chicks and he and Kim Nagy's childrens book Skylar's Great Adventure. His photographs have been published in the Mass Audubon State of the Birds series, the

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Jim Renault

JIM RENAULT PHOTOGRAPHER Jim has been an amateur photographer for over 45 years. His interest in wildlife photography began over 10 years ago when he met John Harrison photographing the famous Alewife red-tailed hawks, Buzz and Ruby. Jim's photographs are featured in Dead in Good Company, A Celebration of Mount Auburn Cemetery, and various local town publications. In addition

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