John Blout

JOHN BLOUT PHOTOGRAPHER John started photographing birds in January of 2016. John was out walking around near the Sudbury River and saw a Bald Eagle perched in a tree. John took a lousy cell phone shot but returned the next day with a borrowed but proper camera and was lucky enough to see an eagle again. He's been at

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Greg Ohanian

GREGG OHANIAN PHOTOGRAPHER Gregg is an amateur landscape and wildlife photographer. His passion for photography began in 2006 when he purchased his first DSLR camera. His initial interest was landscape photography, but in 2015, while planning a trip to Yellowstone, he added a large telephoto lens to his arsenal, not knowing at the time that would be a game

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Chris He

CHRIS HE PHOTOGRAPHER Chris He started to observe and photograph Peregrine falcons in Woburn since 2014. He likes to capture the spirit of parent falcons in a subtle and insightful way. This year falcon nest is exposed to the hot Sun. Sometimes the parent falcons must spread their wings together to shade their four big chicks. All the chicks

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Ken Proulx

KEN PROULX PHOTOGRAPHER Ken is a self- taught nature photographer. From an early age he has developed a love for wildlife and the outdoors. Always being intrigued with birds of prey and photography, it has made him an avid birder and has enhanced his appreciation for nature. Ken has the patience to observe and study wildlife for hours. He

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