Ken Proulx

KEN PROULX PHOTOGRAPHER Ken is a self- taught nature photographer. From an early age he has developed a love for wildlife and the outdoors. Always being intrigued with birds of prey and photography, it has made him an avid birder and has enhanced his appreciation for nature. Ken has the patience to observe and study wildlife for hours. He

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Changde Wu

CHANGDE WU PHOTOGRAPHER Changde is truly an amateur photographer. His serious wildlife photography started 2 years ago when he acquired entry level equipment for shooting birds. Quickly he addicted to the wildlife photography. Changde also enjoys traveling with family for sightseeing and shooting some landscape photos on the way.

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Harold Roussell

HAROLD ROUSSELL PHOTOGRAPHER Harold Roussell likes the challenge of bird photography and the enjoyment of watching the birds develop. As in nature you have to change you skill fast because it is never easy with the birds in different lighting and weather.

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Jay Richard

JAY RICHARD PHOTOGRAPHER As a youth Jay spent much of time hiking the woods, fishing and hunting in the Midwest. This instilled in him a respect of all living things, while understanding the world around him will always be changing. This background has led Jay to a lifelong appreciation of nature, which in the late 60's started to started photograph. He retired

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Mingwei Li

MINGWEI LI PHOTOGRAPHER Mingwei Li is a scientist and also an enthusiastic amateur photographer. His photography interests include wildlife, landscape and portraits. He even has a photo studio in my house. He loves to travel and always records everything interesting with his camera. What he loves the most about photography is that it allows him to fully express an

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Craig Gibson

CRAIG GIBSON PHOTOGRAPHER Craig is a passionate bird photographer and enjoys the challenges of capturing images of birds in flight. He has a special interest in Peregrine Falcons and has been observing, monitoring, and photographing peregrines since 2011. He started a blog about a pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons in Lawrence, MA, and recently organized a local group of bird

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