TitleFemale fledgling does low flyby

The young female of the group was the last one to fly and at times was the runt of the litter. But as time went by she quickly became the largest of the juveniles (very obvious). But she was the last to leave the nest, so her flying skills were behind her brothers by a small degree. As such, we could tell when she was about to take to flight - she always gave a hint, but her take offs we slow. And on one day when she took off from a telephone pole she flew right over my head. I took photos as she took off, but being so close she filled the entire frame.

Date Taken07/31/2018
NameJim Renault
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Please provide a short statement: What fascinates you most about Peregrine Falcons?

Peregrine falcons have always been a favorite bird of prey of mine for several reasons. The most obvious is their striking appearance, they just look like they are built for speed. I particularly like the various stages they go through from birth to maturity. The first-year coloration of the fledgling is actually my favorite stage, I think they just look very impressive.
The other major reason for my fascination with peregrines is the challenge they present in flight when trying to capture a sharp photograph.

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